Saturday, September 14, 2013

Milo turns one!

My sweet baby Milo turned 1 on January 16. As of his first birthday, he wasn't walking. But, just like all the Johnson kids before him, he took off for the races 2 weeks after his first birthday. At his 1 year check up he was 25.6 lbs (91% for weight) and 32 inches tall (94% for height). Such a big, happy baby boy. He is still looking a lot like mommy, but changing every day. There is nothing more he loves in life than to be held or carried. My right bicep is strangly bigger than my left from holding this 25 pound chunk of love.  His favorite foods are avocado and banana. We are proud parents of a very healthy eater. He will eat just about anything, even broccoli! His favorite book is "But not the Hippopotamus" by Sandra Boynton. When he gets to the page that says "And the animal pack comes scurrying back...." He yells "Yay!"  It's hilarious. He does this amazing thing with his nose, where he scrunches it up when he's excited. I swear it gets me every single time. My heart melts, and I say a little prayer that he will stop growing so fast. 

We celebrated Milo's big day with a small party with just our Memphis family.  I had everyone bring Milo a children's book and write him a special note. Thanks to his Poppies, we were able to get some great photos of his special day. Happy 1st birthday baby boy. You are so very loved. 

Honestly, look at that face!

Me & my littlest guy

 Real men wear turquoise

My sweet dance class friend Stephanie made the cakes and I made the toppers. The cake was delish, but Milo didn't know exactly what to do with it. 

He wore the same bib his big brother Jude wore on his first birthday!

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