Saturday, September 14, 2013

Milo turns one!

My sweet baby Milo turned 1 on January 16. As of his first birthday, he wasn't walking. But, just like all the Johnson kids before him, he took off for the races 2 weeks after his first birthday. At his 1 year check up he was 25.6 lbs (91% for weight) and 32 inches tall (94% for height). Such a big, happy baby boy. He is still looking a lot like mommy, but changing every day. There is nothing more he loves in life than to be held or carried. My right bicep is strangly bigger than my left from holding this 25 pound chunk of love.  His favorite foods are avocado and banana. We are proud parents of a very healthy eater. He will eat just about anything, even broccoli! His favorite book is "But not the Hippopotamus" by Sandra Boynton. When he gets to the page that says "And the animal pack comes scurrying back...." He yells "Yay!"  It's hilarious. He does this amazing thing with his nose, where he scrunches it up when he's excited. I swear it gets me every single time. My heart melts, and I say a little prayer that he will stop growing so fast. 

We celebrated Milo's big day with a small party with just our Memphis family.  I had everyone bring Milo a children's book and write him a special note. Thanks to his Poppies, we were able to get some great photos of his special day. Happy 1st birthday baby boy. You are so very loved. 

Honestly, look at that face!

Me & my littlest guy

 Real men wear turquoise

My sweet dance class friend Stephanie made the cakes and I made the toppers. The cake was delish, but Milo didn't know exactly what to do with it. 

He wore the same bib his big brother Jude wore on his first birthday!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Santa is a great guy!

We went to go see Santa in the middle of the day on Friday, December 14.

Last year, at 2, Jude was TERRIFIED of Santa. When he saw Santa, he just yelled at him "I want a pig!" Apparently yelling insured that creepy Santa kept a comfortable distance. Well, what a difference a year makes! This year there was no apprehension.  Jude kept saying "I love Santa. He's a great guy." haha! My little 3 year old has quite the vocab. 

My brother, sister-n-law, and cousin Sophie all met us at Carriage Crossing for some photo ops. Milo, of course, was not afraid at all.  Milo is happy as long as he is being held. Doesn't care who. Just please hold He was cracking me up just sitting in Santa's lap all cozy.  My poor niece Sophie (who is only 12 days older than Mi-mi) had a more normal baby reaction and screamed her head off.  

Jude told Santa he wanted drums and a yellow drill. I love that my sweet boy only asked for 2 things. I know that will likely change in the future, so I am reveling in the fact that he enjoys the simple things in life.  No long lists. He knows exactly what he wants. Hence, the "yellow" drill. (and what a shopping adventure that was :/ )

Here's some pics. I hope you find them as cute as I do. 

Milo is looking at Sophie like "Get it together cuz"
Aren't my boys cute in their outfits. Sidenote- Check out how tall Santa is...who knew?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Our family has an annual tradition of spending every Thanksgiving with my hubbie's side of the family. Since everyone lives far away from each other (Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee),  we all meet somewhere and spend the holiday together.  We eat, we drink, we play rumi and we laugh. This year we invited everyone to spend Thanksgiving week at our house. There were 6 adults and 9 kids up in here people!

The week started off with my dedicated husband, driving 12 hours to Florida on Saturday, picking up the fantastic four, and driving 12 hours back. This way everyone could get settled before the cousins arrived. We spent Sunday night as a family with the fantastic four all cuddling sweet baby Milo.

Sweet Big Brothers
Aunt Carie, Uncle Mark, Garrett, Paitten and Kylie all arrived from their seriously long road trip on Monday. And the fun immediately began! The kids always pick up right where they left off each year, as if no time has passed at all. Grandpa and Granny Kay's flight arrived on Tuesday and Kelly and Carie were there to greet them.

On Wednesday, we went to the Trolley Stop for lunch (Yummy!) and then took a trolley ride around Memphis.  Kelly and I don't ride the trolley...umm...ever. Needless to say, we had a little trouble navigating. Always an adventure.

Kylie and Kam with "The King" at the Trolley Stop. Kam adores her cousin Kylie so much!

My green eyed boys

The boys riding the Trolley. Aren't they handsome!

Cousin Pic!
Jude was thrilled to be taking more pics. ha!

Another Cousin Pic as we waited (and waited and waited) for the trolley
Thanksgiving dinner was off the charts delicious. We brined a 24 pound turkey.  We also had honey ham, broccoli casserole, corn souffle, sweet potato casserole, rolls, pumpkin pie and cupcakes. You salivating yet?  My brother, sister in law, and baby Sophie all came to eat with the crew. And Poppies and Jana stopped by too. We had a FULL house, but had plenty of delicious food.

Post Thanksgiving meal nap with Grandpa. Full bellies make for good naps.

Friday we scored tickets to the Grizzles vs. Lakers game and took all the "big cousins" to the game.  The highlight of the game (for me) was a Justin Timerlake and Jessica Biel sighting. Forget Kobie, I love-love-love me some J.T.  It was an action packed game and the Grizz picked up a W!(106-98) Grit Grind Grizz!

First born tall boys! Bryce is 12 and 5'10' and Garrett is 15 and 6'2". They are both such great examples to the little cousins. 
Garrett, Paitten, Kylie, Rece and Bryce taking in the Fed Ex Forum
On Saturday, we all said our goodbyes, love yous and see you next year. I hate that part.

What a blessing it was to have everyone in our home sharing stories and laughing. I am so thankful that my husband has brought all these wonderful people into my life thru our marriage. I am thankful that my house is full of siblings that adore each other. I am thankful that my children and stepchildren have cousins who are their first best friends.

Love to you and yours- Anna

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Batman & Wobin

This was by far Jude's best Halloween. I was a little sad that I couldn't pick out a cutsie baby costume for him anymore. He has an opinion now.  Dang it! But my nostalgia was quickly forgotten with all the superhero cuteness. He really got into all the festivities this year. It's so fun to experience a holiday thru your child's eyes. The excitement and pure joy makes every occasion that much sweeter. Since this summer, Jude has said he was going to be Batman and Milo was going to be "Wobin." I took him on a special day to pick out his costume. Once he had the batman suit, it was a challenge to keep him out of it!
Jude at Party City trying on his costume
We started off Halloween night with a visit from Poppies and Mimi. Of course, they came bearing Halloween goodies. And Poppies took some great pictures. It is quite handy having a photographer in the family. ;)

Hallelujah! Everyone is looking at the camera at the same time.
Me & My superheroes
Jude was cracking us up with all his poses. He was in full character for sure!

The world is a safer place with these 2 protecting it!

After the mini photo session, we were off to the Harrison's annual Halloween party. My friend Alicia is an amazing hostess and all the kids have such a great time running around and eating sweet treats. I think Jude ate 10 of some yummy chocolate covered smore marshmallows. Jude and Riley held hands walking to each house. And Milo aka Wobin rode in his car yelling at everyone who walked by. Let's just say he has found his voice!
Riley and Jude holding hands
And how cute are Kami & Ky! They went with the Batman theme too. Hot pink Batgirl and the Joker.  

Jude is already saying he is going to be Super Grover next Halloween. It will be interesting to see if he sticks with it all 365 days. Love to you and yours!- Anna

Friday, October 26, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

My main man has been out of town in Miami all week for work.  So, me and my little men have been stuck at home sans Daddy.

On Wednesday, we decided to head to the Pumpkin Patch with Mimi. I wanted to get a few pictures of my little guys in their cute new shirts. Jude loved picking out pumpkins and pulling Milo in the wagon. Milo loved eating grass and chewing on Pumpkin stems. I think the pictures turned out pretty cute. Happy Fall Ya'll! ~ Anna

My Pumpkins
Look at my big stander!
Milo doing the Kayla Maroney "not impressed"look
Sweet big brother!
I'll take this one please!
 And I want this one!

Resurrection of le blog

So, my BFF, Audra, pointed out the other day that I really need to resurrect the blog.  I said "It is just too much work to keep up with and I just do not have the time." And she pointed out that I was putting too much thought into it.  I smiled. Isn't it funny how long time friends just know you so well? I put too much thought into pretty much every aspect of my life. No wonder I'm exhausted. Ha!

I really enjoy writing the happenings of our family down. I also know that I will be grateful I did when the kids are grown. But, the past several months have been crazy. This business of raising little humans is some tough work. I know, I know, people have been doing it since the beginning of time. However, I have not. So, bare with me as I attempt to multi-task some more.

I'm going to have to skip the last year of our lives and I'll slowly back log some posts. Here goes....

Love to all~ Anna

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Milo is born

Kelly and I headed to Germantown Methodist Hospital around lunch on Monday. We were to show up at 12:30pm for a scheduled c-section at 2:30pm. I felt prepared, but was a ball of nerves....and very hungry :). When, they hooked me up to the monitor, I was already having contractions. I think it was the anxiety. I was laying there as they were taking blood work and I could not get comfortable.

As I headed back to the operating room, I was more nervous than I was when I delivered Jude. Life just seems so much more precious and fragile after you have your first baby. I realize how much Jude relies on me.... and to have a major operation while my little boy waited for me...made me scared. Luckily, our good friends Nick and Ashely had called their family friend, Shelley, to be my CRNA. When they rolled me into the OR, she already knew my name, about my family, and helped me with my breathing and shaking. Everyone in the OR kept talking to me, asking me all kinds of questions. I just did not want to talk or even open my eyes. I told Shelley "I'm really nervous, I just want to close my eyes right now." She said OK and helped me relax. With my eyes closed, and me prep-ed for surgery, Kelly was allowed to enter the room. He immediately grabbed my hand, and I immediately relaxed. He knew that I just needed quiet, just needed his presence. Soon after the operation started, silence was broken with a beautiful loud cry. Music to a new Mother's ears.

Milo Zachery Johnson came into the world at 3:08pm. And he was not happy about being taken from the comfort of his Mommy's tummy. All the nurses were laughing and joking about how he had one of the loudest cries they had every heard. Healthy Johnson lungs! He was absolutely perfect. 7lbs, 9oz and 20 inches long. Kelly went over and watched as they did his stats and he would relay them to me. He told me..."he has really big hands!" Oh sweet Milo... you do have big hands... and long lashes...and beautiful lips. 

Usually for C-sections, they do not let you have the baby until a couple hours after the procedure and you are settled into your room. Well, that was not going to fly with this momma. So, Kelly and I used our persuasive skills to allow them to let me hold and nurse Milo right after he was born. I was so grateful to have him immediately in my arms. It was pure heaven. He nursed wonderfully and finally settled down once he was nice and bundled with his Momma.  We just stared at each other. Love at first sight. There is truly nothing like it.

Put me back!
Nice to meet you
What are they doing to me!?!
Still a little grumpy...
That's much better...